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Ketonex - Engineering Thermoplastics



Ketonex proprietary processes are used to produce a wide range of polyetherketone polymers and copolymers. Thermal and mechanical property modifications are achieved by the introduction of both in-chain and end-chain functionality. In addition, melt viscosity is controlled and easily adjusted. Materials may be amorphous or semi-crystalline, in which case the rate of crystallisation and ultimate degree of crystallinity may be modified.  

Materials can be produced directly, without further processing, in the form of      
  • Powder – suitable for selective laser sintering, 40 – 100 µm diameter -          
  • Flake – which may be converted to strand for fused deposition modelling  

Ketonex materials exhibit properties such as          
  • High operating temperatures, with Tg 70 – 200 °C          
  • Comparatively low melting temperatures with manageable processing temperatures          
  • High purity        
  • Controlled degree of crystallinity          
  • Excellent thermal stability         
  • Excellent mechanical properties        
  • Good adhesion to carbon fibre and aluminium,
in addition to other properties characteristic of polyetherketones such as low toxicity, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, fire retardency and low smoke emission.